Our team of qualified mechanics are more than happy to carry out an MOT on all makes & models of scooters and motorcycles. Riding any motorbike without an official MOT jeopardises your safety as well as breaking the law, the penalty could be severe, then why should you risk it!

The following questions and answers should answer all your question if not please do not hesitate to contact us on Mobile: 0798-415-2517, or Landline: 0208 346 9000 or contact us via our contact page.

Q: MOT Test Reminder 

  • If you register with us, we will make sure that you get a reminder well ahead of time so you would never miss your MOT test.
  • We will do the same for your regular service & maintenances schedule, why do you want to invalidate your manufacture’s warrantee!
  • Alternatively you can check your MOT on the web:

Q: How to book you MOT Test?

  • You can call us.
  • You can email us .

Q: Price of MOT Test

  • For Scooters and Motorcycles, it is £29.65.
  • If you bike has sidecar it will be £37.80.

Q: How long a MOT Test would take?

  • It would typically takes around 45min if all goes well.
  • It can be done while you waiting in the waiting area.
  • We do recommend to book your MOT test so we will carry out the MOT test with no interruption at the allocated time.
  • You can also leave your bike with us and collect it at your convenient time on the same day.

Q: MOT failure (if the bike fail the MOT test)?

  • Sadly this could happen but there will be nothing that we cannot fix for you.
  • We offer one free re-test so long as any part of the MOT failure is repaired by us or any other garage within 10 working days.